Sunday, January 22, 2012

Some photos of the building

Needed a break from this model I'm building for Arch 533 and I figured I'd put a few more up.  These are from April of last year.  I used to have tons of photos until my old hard drive crashed.  I think Jim, jerk that he is, probably downloaded something at and I got a virus.  I wouldn't even have these except they were still on my phone.
I love this shot.  The roundtop windows were one of the first things
I ever notices about this building.  They're only in the two front apartments.
The Kavach Building, seen here hiding in its natural habitat
A view of the back of building as seen from a carnitas place on Beverly
Still hoping someone might recognize this place and be able to tell me something about it.  Barring that, maybe someone out there really wants to finish building a foamcore model of a school.  At this point I'm willing to offer food, booze, or my body as an incentive.  But you only get one.


  1. You know nobody's reading your blog when you offer sex on the internet and four months later no one's taken you up on it.

    (I got a B on the model)

  2. What does Kavach mean?