Thursday, January 19, 2012

Old Los Angeles

I'd apologize for not putting anything up here, but I'm pretty sure I'm the only one reading this.  There've only been a dozen hits since New Years, and I think half of them were me looking to see if anyone'd left a message for me.

New cool thing about the mysterious Kavach Building though.  I was looking at the Library of Congress site and found this gigantic"bird's eye view" map of 1909 Los Angeles.  It's right here.  You click on the small map on the right and it shows you close up on the left. You can zoom in and see all the individual buildings.  Its like a pre-computer Google Earth.

Anyway, the Kavach Building is on the map!  You've got to follow the streets around (which can take forever because half of them aren't named and the page loads slow) but I worked my way out from downtown and found it.  The street isn't even named yet (I'm pretty sure it was just a dirt road then), but the building had already been there for fifteen years.  When they built it it must've been way, way out on the edge of the city.  Thats both weird and cool at the same time.

As always, the red square is from me

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  1. Someone's messed with the loc map. It's been retouched and the building no longer appears where you found it. You have the only evidence it was there then.