Friday, December 16, 2011

Fourth times a charm

Okay, so now I'm trying this again.  For the fourth time or maybe the fifth.  I've lost track.

In May of 2010 I saw this neat old building here in Los Angeles.  I was doing a photo project for school and saw this great old brick building that was kind of a halfbreed, architecturally speaking.  I'm working on my masters in architectural engineering, and I've been thinking of doing a book on the different architectural styles that you can find all over the city.  It was kind of like a Neo-Renaissance building had a one night stand with a Romanesque Revival and tried to pass their kid off as a Georgian.

But I'll get to how I found it soon enough.  Maybe in the next post, if this blog stays around long enough.  The real point is, over the past few years I've become kind of obsessed with this building.  Mostly because I can't find out anything about it.

This is one of the only one of my original pictures I've still got.
It was taken in late October of 2010.
Not sure of the exact day. About a week before Halloween
I think I need to be clear on that.  I can't find anything out about it.  Every time I try, something goes wrong.  I've had a bunch of files get corrupted on my hard drive.  I left my flash drive in my jeans and it got wrecked in the laundry.  Email's vanish.  Letters get lost in the mail.

I tried setting up a blog and hoped I might find someone else who'd seen it before.  And maybe help sell the book idea if I went with that.  And that was cool and going great and I even had some followers.

And then the blog vanished.  Just up and gone.  It was here on Blogspot, so it was free, so I wasn't that annoyed.  I mean, it was just some work I'd done at night.  Then I found out I'd wrecked the flash drive and lost all those photos.  So I tried again on Wordpress and that one vanished, too.  I bought my own domain and set it up again and some jerk slammed it and wanted a hundred bucks to get it back.  And so now I'm back here on Blogger (fourth time, okay).  And I'm wondering if it's even worth the effort anymore because part of me expects this one to vanish any day now, just like everything else that I've tried to out together about this place.

I guess that's why I keep doing this.  I’m worried I might vanish too.


  1. why do you call it the kavach building? is that the street its on or the owner's name? maybe the architect?

  2. you have found us

  3. any update on this?